Friday, April 20, 2007

Making Medical College in Capital instead of in KBK Region raises Question!, April 11, 2007 discloses that being a veteran Cuttacki, Dasverma presently staying at Richland in USA said that he is at loss over setting up another medical college at Bhubaneswar just 20 km ahead, while the SCB Medical college is languishing due to funds shortage and infrastructure lacunae.

More than that neither the North Orissa districts from Balasore to Sundargarh have any medical facility worth the name nor South Orissa beyond Berhampur has a hospital of good standard, Dasverma added.

And these are distances of 300 km up and yet this Government builds another medical college and hospital at Bhubaneswar, where another two private Medical colleges are coming up.

While making pungent remarks he said with such friends Orissa does not need any enemies, do we?, he asked.

Dasverma dubbed all the talk of KBK development as bunkum.

Else I would guess this medical college would have gone to Jeypore or Koraput, is not it? He repeated his quiz.

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