Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Health Care Deliver Service, a Serious Concern in KBK: Rajendra Dishri

My being of Tribal - I realised very late

Orissa is one of the ten states in the country covered under the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB). According to the latest report of NNMB , Orissa continues to have second highest level of under nutrition among the ten states. When compared with the aggregate figures for chronic energy deficiency (BMI < 18.5) in adult men and women in these states the level is higher in Orissa ( Kalahandi Region). The prevalence of chronic energy deficiency (CED) in adult men in the state is 38.6% compared to aggregate of 37.4%, whereas the CED prevalence in the adult women is 46% against 39.3% aggregate figure16. As malnutrition is known to potentiate susceptibility to death due to infectious diseases, the high mortality rate amongst the primitive tribes may be attributed to this cause.

In spite of the tremendous advancement in the field of preventive and curative medicine worldwide and particularly coastal Orissa, the health care delivery services in Kalahandi District is defunct and primitive tribal people are still poor and need to be strengthened.

Cuttack District alone count 1431 Hospitals where as Kalahandi statistic is like below
No. of District HQ Hospital 1
No.of subdivisional Hospitals 1
No.of Primary Health Centre (PHC) 3 Block level 39 Others
No.of Mobile Health Units 13
No.of Community Health Centre (CHC) 10
No.of Other Hospitals 4
No.of Taluk Hospita 1
No.of T.B. Hospital 1
No.of Homeopathic Hospital 13
No.of Ayurvedic Hospital 13
No.of Beds in Hospitals 483

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