Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rahul urged to correct Arjun steps, May 11, 2008

Will Rahul Gandhi get back to Orissa the multi-campus tribal central university that Arjun stole from Orissa?

This billion dollar question is haunting the minds of the educated youth of the state on the eve of the visit of Rahul Gandhi.

Will the fourth generation icon of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, which boasts as the savior of the poorest of the poor region of the country, Kalahandi take corrective steps in restoring the central university in the most deserving area.

Non Resident Odias (NRO) are asking this question to both Sonia Gandhi and heir apparent of the Congress party, Rahul.

It has been reported widely that Rahul will request the Central Government to establish a central university in the tribal inhabited KBK districts.

However, Does Rahul Gandhi knows that the original proposal for a multi-campus tribal university came from Orissa and was allegedly stolen by the Union Human Resources Development (HRD) minister Arjun Singh to his home state Madhya Pradesh.

With the visit of Mr.Gandhi to Orissa on 13 May, this question is being asked by Professor Chitta Baral, Professor Digambara Patra, Professor Digambar Mishra and Mr.Dhirendra Kar.

All of them are serious about the issue of setting up of a central university in Kalahandi.

The leading educationists are bemoaning over the matter as instead of supporting the Kalahandi with a Central University, Mr.Singh high jacked the idea and shamelessly decided to set up the institution at Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh.

Now as it has been brought to the notice of Rahul, will he take steps to correct it?

The Orissa Government which submitted a detailed proposal of a multi-campus Central Tribal University for the KBK regions had paid no attention to this demand afterwards.

Orissa must get another multi-campus tribal central university that it proposed and that seems to have been stolen by Arjun Singh to his home state, said Professor Patra.

One may wonder why not we can just establish one of the already announced central universities in a KBK town and why we need to demand another tribal central university for KBK, said Professor Patra.

This is because the tribal population in these areas of the state is much more vis-à-vis other tribal populated areas.

Secondly Rahul must understand that being the Union HRD Minister steeling the idea of a Central Tribal University; he has done great damage to the aspiration of the young and educated masses of the region.

Till date the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, who has tom tom the KBK zone for their political benefits have never bothered about the real development of the area, alleged Mr.Kar.

So Rahul will have to take corrective steps in this regard, said he.

Is the babalog listening ?

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