Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kalahandi’s alma mater remains neglected

Express buzz, Sept 16, 2008

BHAWANIPATNA: Despite government’s avowed policy of universalisation of education, many old educational institutions are going into the oblivion.

Brajamohan High School of Bhawanipatna, the oldest educational institution of Kalahandi, is now suffering due to the district administration’s apathy. The institute was set up in 1916 by the erstwhile Kalahandi princely state for higher education of the area. Building of the school is treated as one of heritage in the State. Many luminaries of that period like Mayadhar Mansingh and Rajkishore Ray were part of the faculty.

However, after the 70s, performance of the school started declining due to negligence of the authorities. The school building, at present, is dilapidated. The building has developed cracks and there is seepage in walls.

The headmaster post has been vacant since February last and a teacher is in-charge of the post without having any financial power. The students’ strength has come down to 343 from 3,000 four decades ago.

Many government offices have come up on the premises of the school and this has been hampering the school’s ambience.

The office of the Inspector of Schools, District Culture Office and library of the Culture Department are functioning on the premises. Recently, Rs 9 lakh was allotted by the Government for repair of the school building. However, this amount is not sufficient for complete renovation.

The school will celebrate its centenary in a few years. The authorities feel that there is need for concerted effort by the government to develop the school.

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