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Letter to CM: Proposal to Convert Govt Auton. College Bhawanipatna to Unitary University

Orissadiary, Dec 25, 2008

Dear honorable Chief Minister, Mr. Patnaik,
Unitary University provides many additional advantages to autonomous college to design/introduce new courses depending on local need in the graduate and post graduate level, to substantially improve research activities, to employ permanent faculties who can support in research and education in the long term development of the institution and importantly ushers in more funds from the state and UGC to improve infrastructure, teaching programs, and research facilities.

Recent decision by the state Government to convert Ravenshaw College, UCE Burla and Khallikote College are welcome decision in that respect.

Coincidentally, these institutions were affiliated with Utkal University (Ravenshaw College), BPUT (UCE Burla) and Berhampur University (Khallikote College) representing Central (Ravenshaw College), Western (UCE Burla) and South (Khallokote) Orissa regions. However, none of them belong to KBK region or are affiliated with the Sambalpur University (except UCE’s association in the past).

UGC has recommended “College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) status so far to only five Colleges from Orissa, out of which two of them, Ravenshaw Autonomous College Cuttack and Khallikote Autonomous College Berhamapur, are (being) made Unitary University by the state Government. Other three are GM Autonomous College Sambalpur, Govt. Autonomous College Bhawanipatna and Fakir Mohan Autonomous College Balasore.

Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna, being one of the prides of the KBK as well as Western Orissa regions, caters to the flame of learning since about last 50 years. It is enjoying the status of “College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) since September 2004 being one among the first 47 colleges of the whole nation. It is among the first 3 colleges and only College in KBK region to receive CPE honor.

Despite being located in a backward and underdeveloped region, Government (Autonomous) College Bhawanipatna has established itself for maintaining high quality in education in this part of the state. Students of this College have been securing top ranks at the University level as well as state level in various fields of education.

KBK region is known to be backward in higher education and research facilities. Lack of sufficient teachers/lecturers in major Govt. Colleges in the region has been a serious concern.

Unitary University would facilitate highly skilled professionals in the various fields to join as permanent faculties, such as, as Assistant, Associate and full Professors, in such institutions and will fulfill deficiencies in shortage of lecturers in Autonomous College in Kalahandi.

In major Govt. and private institutions in Kalahandi shortage of lecturers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, agriculture and horticulture professionals etc are always noticed as there are only few professionals in various fields at the local level.

Where as local students in Kalahandi are struggling to get employment in the local level and some of them are forcefully migrating to other states in search for opportunities. There is a high percentage of local youth with bachelor degree without any employment. Many of them [such as Mr. Ajit Barik (OBC), Mr. Surudhan Hans (OBC), Mr. Raita Hans from Gambhariguda, P.O. Khairpadar, Dharamgarh], are working as barber or daily laborer despite having bachelor degree and OBC certificate with them. This contradiction in place like Kalahandi is surprising but it is a real fact and mainly due to improper planning in higher educational policy, specially, at the local level.

On the other hand, there is no state University in Kalahandi or KBK region to meet local requirements. Being an autonomous college, Government Autonomous College, Bhawanipatna has limited flexibility to introduce new courses on nursing, pharmacy, optometrist, agriculture, horticulture, banking and services, metal processing, information processing, computer science, medicine etc in the diploma, bachelor as well as postgraduate level course to fulfill local demand.

A Unitary University, however, will give this institution independency to introduce new courses not only in the discipline mentioned above but also in the field of medicine, agriculture, technology etc based on local requirements as a “Real University”.

Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna is located on NH 201 and has 60 acres of land and towards its north-east more than 100 acres of land are under the possession of the State Government and some private individuals which are lying vacant and can be utilized for horizontal structural growth. If situation arises like for Ravenshaw University, there is sufficient of land near to Bhawanipatna for future possible expansion of a new separate campus.

Recently, Human Resource Development, Govt. of India has selected locations for IIT/IIM/WCCU based on region and not based on population and other parameters. In fact, as per Government notification Amarkantak was chosen for “Indira Gandhi National Tribal University” because it is centrally located tribal region in Maharastra, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

Kalahandi is the central district in KBK region. Even including other backward districts of Kandhamal, Boudh and Padampur sub-division, Bhawanipatna, could be ideally suited as a central location in this region. All major towns/districts of KBK as well as Boudh, Kandhamal and Padampur (Bargarh Dist) could be easily reached within 200 km by state/national highways from this place.

Based on location, available infrastructure, local & regional requirements, quality and importantly merit Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna deserves to be a Unitary University.

Making Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna a Unitary University will help this institution to improve its infrastructure to introduce new courses and improve its research facilities in this part, specially, in a backward part of the state that does not have any state University to meet all local requirements in employment and education.

We urge you to immediately approve and make the Government Autonomous College Bhawanipatna to a Unitary University in the next cabinet meeting.

Thanking you

Best regards

Dr Digambara Patra
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon


tajinder said...

Govt Auton. College Bhawanipatna to Unitary University"


yah, its a great is not a dream but the college called "Govt. Auto. college bhawanipatna" has all elligibilty to be a unitary university.
i strongly agree to the statement.


yah, its a great idea. it is not a dream but the collage called "Govt. Auto. college bhawanipatna" has all the elligibility to be a unitary university.
i strongly agree to the statement.

rakesh said...

i agree with ur proposal

amit s said...

First of all thanks to you Digamber for bringing up such a nice proposal with such genuine points.

All we just can do is to echo your voice..

If possible ,also please send your these valuable comments to any local news paper office of our Bhawanipatna...they will must generate awareness among people of our locality to carry this campeing forward till the goal is achieved...

You have given such valuable comments but only 4 comments have been posted here till yet in this blog that means not many from our locality are aware of this I think local news agencies of our Bhawwanipatna or KBK region will must encourage this initiative..
Gradually this fever to make our GACB ,an Unitary University..will spread among all the young and old of our region....

Let us all campeign for this more vigoruosly....