Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Collected Opinion:-

On KBK Infrastructure...
Dear Sir,
Kandhmal District is always neglected, but your voice will definitely make a impact on overall development of the region. Thanks for that.
As Kandhmal is neither in the KBK or in the costal region. Administration and Every Party seems to neglect it in every respect of development.
I strongly support your view for a new railway line from Bhawanipatna to Bhubaneswar via Plulbani.
Please continue to include Kandhmal while you pitch for any development works.
(Comment to this site)
On Vedanta University .....
Dear Readers,
.......................It may once again be noted that the great Benevolent and Philanthropic Agarwal could not even set up a proper Medical Centre at Lanjigarh, the Site of Vedanta Alumina, for the workers engaged in the Construction of the Project and also for the thousands of people displaced by the Project, as per the Video footage broadcast by ETV-Oriya Channel on the 2nd May. Certainly this is NOT the trait of a World Class Visionary!
Indeed, a true philanthropic human being, would have set up a Multi-speciality Medical hospital in the district of Kalahandi, where the vendanta Alumina Project is located.
People shd not forget that a Man is known by his action and not by his statements. We are anxiously waiting for Vedanta to first set up a proper Medical Centre with qualified Doctors and all facilities, before we could repose our confidence in Vedanta Group.................

Jibanendar Mahanty
(Collected from OrissaToday Network)______________________________________________________________________________
On IIT in Orissa ........
Dear All,
Rayagada or Jeypore in south Orissa or Baripada in north Orissa should be chosen.
Human resources in Cuttack, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Baleswar and Sambalpur are much developed and competetive.So please give top priority to Rayagada or Jeypore or Baripada.
Biond K Mohanty
(Collected from OrissaToday Network)
Dear All,
With due respect to feelings of various readers, I would suggest that the
IIT ( for Orissa) should be located in the district of KALAHANDI.
Hope that the High-tech Institute will erase the general perception abt
Kalahandi ( which was synonym for Starvation Death).
Jibanendar Mahanty
(Collected from OrissaToday Network)

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