Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tathya: Black Hole syndrome hits KBK

While massive industrialization of the state is trumpeted by the Naveen Government it seems the worst sufferer will be KBK (undivided Kalahandi, Balangir and Koraput) districts.

Now it is abundantly clear that industries would develop in the KBK region or not in the distant future is all but wishful thinking or at best a hopeful guess work.

However, by the time these wishes and guesses come true, the entire KBK would look like a huge Black Hole.

Take the case of 'Mali Parbat' in Koraput. The State Government has leased out the Aditya Alumina (Hindalco) to mine the huge mountain, rich in mineral deposits.

The Company's commitment at Koraput is a paltry Rs.13 lakh plus as compensation to 30 odd families.

The employment that would be generated would be a paltry 100 odd, and that too in the semi-skilled and unskilled segments.

The minerals will be carted to the refinery at Lucknow in UP and in turn it will feed the smelting plant at Hirakud to meet its capacity, which as of date is not even one - third.

So after losing huge mineral wealth Orissa in general and KBK of Koraput in particular would gain NOTHING.

In the name of investment the industrialists will save razing to ground every other mineral mountain and Black Holes for posterity.

What indeed is shocking is that the Company has suo motu agreed to pay 3 times higher cost of land and yet it works out to a mere Rs.13 lakh.

Worse, no politician of any hue is making any noise.

It is alleged that sufficient greasing has been done to buy silence.

That is but obvious with the ensuing elections to the State Assembly in late 2008.

The officials who have recommended the project are now enjoying a lot at the cost of the innocent tribals, alleged an activist.

Bureaucrat and political nexus that seems apparent in this sordid deal, all that KBK would have is a HUGE BLACK HOLE, what is now engulfing ranges of unending mountains.

Sadly, the poor tribals of Koraput are not even aware that the Paradise on which they are dependant on today for their very survival will soon become a veritable Hell.

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