Saturday, July 5, 2008

Letter to CM to speed up central university in KBK

Dear Chief Minister of Orissa,
Tamil Nadu Govt. has taken initiative on the second central university in the state, Tiruvarur Central University, to start functioning from this year.
It has also taken the initiative to allot land for another World Class Central University in Coimbatore.
However, Orissa Govt. has not taken any initiative for the other proposed central university in the state except for the world class central university at Bhubaneswar.
Instead recently state Government is establishing institutes like Engineering College, Medical colleges and universities solely funded by state Government in those regions which have already similar state Govt. funded institution.
Bhawanipatna is a right place to establish the other proposed central university as it has all necessary infrastructure.
(1) NH201 and NH217 pass through Bhawanipatna and connect all the major KBK towns and other major towns such as Berhampur, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Bhubaneswar in the state as well as with Raipur. In fact location of Bhawanipatna, one of the major towns in KBK, over NH201 is such that it equilibrates the distance between Malkangiri and Sonpur as well as between other two major towns Jeypore and Balangir.
(2) Kesinga railway station is 25 kms from Bhawanipatna and is directly linked by railway to Bhawanipatna .
(3) Raipur airport is about 220 kms from Bhawanipatana and there is another aerodrome in Bhawanipatna which can be a regular airport in the future.
(4) KBK needs special attention for the solely government funded higher educational institute and Kalahandi is geographically the epicenter for all the KBK districts.
(5) Govt. Autonomous College Bhawanipatna which was awarded as the Potential Center of Excellence among 3 colleges in the very first year from Orissa by UGC has all the infrastructure to start a central university temporarily.
Tirivarur in Tamil Nadu is smaller than Bhawanipatna in regards to the population and has the similar infrastructure like that of Bhawanipatna. However, the Tamil Nadu Govt. is working hard to establish the other central university in that place for which the Tirivarur Central University is going to function from this academic year. Where as our state Govt. has little towards establishing the other central university in Bhawanipatna.
A long standing demand of fully Govt. funded institution in KBK has not yet been fulfilled, Kalahandi and Nuapada regions have been demanding a university since 1989, but our state Govt. has fulfilled many other demands like National Law School, Capital Medical College, Ravensha University, Engineering College in Berhampur, etc. recently in other parts of the state except similar demand in KBK.
Even for central Govt. funded central university the state Govt. has not taken initiative to establish in KBK, whereas similar central university is going to function from this year in other states.
I request you to take your action in this regard
Thank you and regards
Digambara Patra

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