Saturday, July 5, 2008

State road in between Titlagarh and Raniguda via Jayapatna in KBK: A letter to Orissa CM

The Chief minister of Orissa

Copy to: The chief secretary of Orissa

Dear honorable Chief Minister Mr Patnaik,
I had the chance to go through the recent major state road proposed by
the state Government.

However, among them which was totally not addressed is a road
connectivity between Titlagarh and Raniguda via Jayapatna as per the
following route.

Titlagarh (Balangir dist) ? Ailabhatta (Balangir)- Kegaon (Kalahandi
dist)-Khaliakani-Dharamgarh (Kalahandi)? Moter ? Jayapatna
(Kalahandi)-Sunamal ? Tentulikhunti (Nabrangpur
dist)-Jagannathapur-Singpuru (Koraput dist)-Raniguda -Koraput

Following reasons made this road route urgent and important to be established.

(1) Kegaon region which is in the border to Kalahandi and Balangir
districts, is neither porperly linked with Kalahandi dist nor with
Balangir district. A bridge construction near Kegaon is required for
the proposed road route.

(2) Upper Indravati project in Mukhiguda/Jayapatna (being one of the
largest hydropower generating unit) needs a special road connectivity
with NH201 and with Nabarangpur and Koraput districts.

(3) Similalry Tentulikhunti region in Nabarangpur and Singpur region
in Koraput need better road connectivity due to cumbersome

(4) KBK is a special region and improving infrastuture only will bring
development in the region.

(5) If the state Govt. take proper inititative, the proposed state
road project between Titlagarh and Raniguda could be easily
materialized through funding from WODC project, Biju KBK project,
national KBK project and NREG shceme and bring more development in
backward and tribal pocket of Odisha.

I urgue to immediately survey the above road route and declare this
route as a major state road through financial support from WODC, KBK &
Biju KBK projects and NREG scheme.

Thank you and kind regards
Digambara Patra

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